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Hola Hermanas!

I hope each of you is taking care of yourself, your families and our communities by practicing social distancing. We encourage you to follow recommendations from the CDC’s website and the New Mexico Department of Health. Know that you are not alone in this strange world that currently surrounds us. As MANA del Norte board members we are continuously working to support, advocate and educate. We have compiled a list of  resources and information that you may find helpful in this situation. 


Kristi, Anissa, Carmen, Kristen, Jackie & Nichole


Center for Disease Control information;

New Mexico Department of Health information;


Unemployment information & application;


Human Services Department benefit information;


How and where to get FREE food;


NM Response Fund information;


How to apply for the NM Response Fund;


National Alliance Mental Illness Resource Guide;

Work from Home Resources;


Educational Resources for Kids;

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